Monday, July 25, 2011

Teasing Dance and Shower

You've been so good
How about a treat
Sit in that chair
I'll give you a dance
My only rule is don't touch
Turning on some music
I dance to the beat
Taking off my clothes
Piece by piece
When i'm free i come closer
Remember now don't touch
I grind against each leg
Before rubbing myself
Against your lap
Moaning as i feel
You through your jeans
I unbutton your pants
Getting off your lap
Bending over taking the zipper
Between my lips
Pulling it down slowly
One hand freeing you
From your prison
I start grinding in your lap again
Teasing your manhood against my opening
Your hands grab my waist
Uh oh your in trouble now
I start rubbing harder against you
Not letting you in
Then quick as can be i hop of and run
The shower is where you find me
Oh i'm in trouble now
I see it in your eyes
Dropping of your clothes
You come on in and join me
You've taken control
Pushing me back against the wall
Pulling one of my legs up
Holding yourself at my opening
Making me wiggle and beg
Thrusting in without warning
Assaulted by pleasure
Wild and primal thrusting
My punishment i enjoy
Hitting the right spot again and again
Making me orgasam
Still not stopping
Only hitting harder and faster
Until we both explode
Panting and sweaty
Standing under the water
We wash each other
Slow moving hands
I think we may be in the shower for awhile
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