Saturday, May 28, 2011

Suicide Running

Suicide running
Running till i'm numb
Sides are acheing
Breathing in gasps
Legs burning
Face red
Sweat pouring
Still going
Must forget it all
Release the rage
Two second breather
Can't stop
Need the pain
Release the anger
Suicide running
Till i drop
Pass out
No stoping till then
Head pounding
Heart bursting
Stupid people
Past repeating
Can't stop it
Full of anger
Trying to run it out
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Pushed pushed pushed
Took all your crap
Held my tounge in check
My temper is
Rising rising rising
To the boiling point
Loseing my control
Slam slam slam
You up against the wall
Can't hold back no
More more more
Your driving me insane
All your little
Games games games
Messed with me
To many damn times
I'm not your little
Toy toy toy
One hand against your
Kneck kneck kneck
The other slaming
Against your face
Again again again
Not a simple rage
Full out anger
Pushed to many times
Scream scream scream
No one is coming
To help you now
Shouldn't have cornered me
You knew i would snap
Bitch bitch bitch
I only see red
Anger so damn high
Whole body shakeing
As i walk
Away away away
Your are damn lucky
Your not worth my time
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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Walk the line of insanity
Test your demons power
Slip into the unknown
Make your way free
Of what should be
Follow me to your insanity
A world between it all
Walk the balance between
Right & wrong... Good & evil
Loose yourself in between
Escape the world of the sane
Where there is nothing to gain
Make the unknown your home
Welcome to my escape
This world of insanity
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Brought to my knees
By a thousand sins
Not of my own
Twisted is fate
Which damned me to life
Fighting for a balance
Left hanging in between
Slipping into insanity
Voices in my head
Driving me to the edge
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Each day that goes bye
Is just another lie
Hidden inside the dream
I'm not allowed to scream
To break down and cry
Would be to give up and die
Suppressing all these things
Just wanting back my wings
But i must stand here
Shedding not a single tear
As this dream comes crashing
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Sweet grave
Take me away
Bury me deep
Where no one
Can find me
Unmarked grave
Becoming one
With the earth
Food for the worms
Feasting on my flesh
No more life
Sweet blissful end
Giving me no more
The end to it all
Wish me goodbye
For the grave
Is here
To take me away
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I remember it all
Wish it would disappear
Leave me alone
But it floods back
Again and again
Each memory of pain
Haunting me each day
Wouldn't even know
If i hadn't said so
I keep it so locked
Only i know the pain
Letting it out in bursts
My mind has been tainted
By each hurt memory
Lashing of a belt
Little red cut lines
Crying into the night
Left with unanswered prayers
Alone half the time
No one ever knew
What passed through my life
Each tear
A different memory
Pushed away to the side
The memories taint my mind
Twisted and black
Covering me till i die
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