Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chocolate Sex

I dip my paint brush
Into the warm chocolate
Dripping a little onto my thigh
Bending over and licking it off
Oh yes this will taste better on you
You are tied to the table
Exactly where you need to be
You will be my dessert tonight
Climbing up onto the table with you
Only wearing my knee high boots
One leg on each side of you
Bending over and brushing your lips
Then licking off the chocolate
Each stroke of my brush going lower
Every lick going slower
Taking my time savoring the flavor
Till i get to the real prize
Already at full attention
Begging for my brush and tongue
A little strock across the tip
My tongue quickly following
A moan escaping my lips
I got a taste of your sweetness in that lick
Greedy little me wanting more
I brush chocolate slowly
All over your manhood
Full out moaning now
As i take you in my mouth
Tongue flicking all around
Licking and sucking off the chocolate
Your sweetness exploding in my mouth
As i greedily swallow the flavor of chocolate sex
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1 comment:

  1. No twisted hidden meanings in this write :)