Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Story

What broke her inside
Was a battle over years
Strained and Stressed for freedom
Lost in the dark of a deep hole
Left to grow old, rot, and die
Never seeking out the far off light
Only digging deeper down to cower and hide
She broke inside the self dug grave
Shattered into a million sharp pieces
Not whole anymore inside, just an empty shell
Seeking out ways to numb the pain
She never stoped to pick up those pieces
Just kept moving while broken inside herself
Others depended upon this broken but strong girl
Pushing their problems onto her shoulders
She took the weight and more for others
No one even knowing she was dying inside
She put on a whole show for people
An emotional mask to cover the pain she felt
She pushed herself to the edge of a cliff
To many people needed her so she never jumped
Two very special young lives needed her around
She was a sheild for them
Blocking alot of pain and fear
So many things for a young girl to take on
Broken but never stoping to rest
She prayed some nights that she wouldn't wake up
Never could she take her own life
Always needing to just escape it all
To stubborn to ask for any help
Years of battle finally ended
It took a clik of a gun to fully end
She ran away and never came back
Droped all that weight upon her shoulders
Such a young girl should never bear
But she was still broken inside
Each sharp piece cutting her up
Trying to fit them back together again
Recieving some help along the way
Scars and demons still have her
Some pieces are still missing
Not so broken anymore but not the same
She pieced herself up differently
Not the same as she was before
The strength still has not left me
I am still fighting
I will never give up
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