Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yeah i drink
For my own reason
What do you care
It keeps me happy
You wouldn't understand
All the pain i have
Buried deep down in a hole
A hole i use to be in
But you didn't know that either
Couldn't tell i was dying inside
Just thought i was moody
Little do you know
Behind my mask of a smile
I'm crying in pain
Telling lies to myself
Saying i have no pain
It doesn't help
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  1. We drink for a moments peace
    We drink to ease the sorrow
    We drink to get to tomorrow
    We drink to create a smile
    We drink because nobody will listen
    We drink because those in the world will never understand us
    We drink to keep from crying on the outside
    We drink to convince ourselves of our own lies
    We drink to bury the pain nobody is allowed to see

  2. Omg! I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^