Thursday, November 4, 2010

Never Again

Never will i give up
I shall never quite You can't stop me
I'm done alowing you to try
This is were it ends I will take it no more
To long i've let you get away
Things have changed now I AM my own person
Don't need you telling me what to do
You put me down all the time
Have you even looked at yourself?!
You don't have the right to judge me
I will not be silenced anymore
I've sat in the background to long
Tell me i'm he one with the problem
It doesn't bother me a bit
I've got the courage you lack
I laugh at you now
The stunned look on your face
Didn't you know i can bite back?
Well i can and i have
You pushed and pushed me
Never did i give you your fight
But now i'm all for it
I'll show you how to fight
I'm giveing you only this one warning
I don't fight fair
Why should i with you?
You never did with me
You took every low blow you could
Now i'll do the same But Harder!!
I'll show you how to fight dirty
I'll mop the floor with you
You never will see it coming
You should have known i'd strike back
Did you think i'd sit there and cower?
You pissed off the wrong bitch today
Never again will i let you judge me
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  1. Always loved this write shows the strength you have. The strength i feel you have that is just starting to find it's into the light.

  2. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Thanks