Monday, November 8, 2010

The Battle Within

Rageing and screaming
Deep down inside
Smothering all my thoughts
A damn battle within myself
Being pulled apart
A tug-a-war of my mind
Breaking me into pieces
A little insanity slipping out
Flashes here and there
Nothing makeing sense
Can't hear myself think anymore
Don't know what i want
If the battle doesn't kill me
I'll be all new
Very different than before
To hell with this two sided battle
I'll add another too
Now there's three
I'm working both sides
Bringing them to thier knees
Watch me rise out of the rubble
What use to be my mind
The lone stranger that directs me
My Winged Strength to carry on
It's a whole other world within me
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  1. Wow wow wow and WOW!!!! I read this about 15 times each time i pulled another point of view from it. This write has no boundaries or walls to contain it. Watch me rise from the rubble SPIRIT LEVEL. I can't stop reading this

  2. Glad you liked it! I started one way then went another way lol

  3. Ok i have read this over and over Question if you don't mind. I am working both sides bringing them to their knees and the lone stranger that guides me. Can i ask what you mean.